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just an FYI I don’t own any of the photos on my blog unless they are tagged as personal/taken by me/they come from my instagram page so I can be no help with any questions involving where you can get prints of photos. However, if you specify the picture I may or may not be able to help you find the original artist. 


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So I read this and had to think about it for a sec - bear with me as this may be an unpopular opinion. I believe in God and dare I say it, have a personal relationship with Him. The God that I know, the one who has introduced himself to me is NOT this selfish. He allows US to CHOOSE Him. He didn’t give us FREE WILL so that He could MAKE US do anything. He doesn’t make people ignore you. Will people ignore you? Yes. That is just life though. That is just people being selfish as we all are. I mean damn, I’ve mistakenly ignored people because I am imperfect.

Think of it this way, maybe those people who ignore you are not the people you are meant to have in your life. Perhaps those people are meant for someone else and God is planning on you meeting someone special in another year or so who is YOUR person. God is there for you whether people decide to be your best friend or ignore you. Regardless of anything that happens God is the only one who is there for you at ALL times whether or not you choose Him back. 

This has been my 2 cents…

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